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Agile Coaching

& Transformation

To change your organizational culture and develop agile teams, you need an agile coach to accompany your teams.

The operationalization of the transformation essentially requires the four central elements of knowledge, ability, willingness and consent:  



A distinctive foundation of knowledge is the basis for training agile teams and imparting methodological skills. Methodological skills are an important element in the development of an adapted framework and a common language. They help to differentiate agile practices - such as Scrum, Lean Management, Kanban or Scrumban - from scaled models - such as Nexus, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum of Scrum, Large Scale Scrum or Enterprise Scrum.



Experience in empowering agile teams means shifting the focus to customer needs and convincing the team to maximize customer value. This successful change of perspective is achieved through quick learning experiences, the targeted development of strengths and constant inspiration. Continuous improvement is an active process.



Self-organization implies persistence and a high level of self-motivation. These are needed to create acceptance, so that a bottom-up approach and collective intelligence become the new normal. Self-motivation is promoted through structural changes. Changes that are essential for agile transformation.



The empowerment of individuals to create clear responsibilities and develop decision-making skills is the source of growth for a sustainable culture of trust.


  • Which framework is the right one for your company?

  • What knowledge base do your employees need for a successful implementation?

  • How can you design intersections to promote collaboration?

  • How can you develop a culture of trust within teams and on an organizational level?

  • What do you understand by the common language?

  • What structural changes are required in order to induce the desired behavioral patterns in people?


We support your organizations, executives and teams in creating, enhancing and implementing the appropriate framework. We offer you the necessary knowledge, help you establish and moderate rituals and support your players in setting up the important intersections. Our focus is on learning and getting better by asking the right questions. Together, we lay the foundation so that you can develop great products that inspire your customers. 

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