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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Persona Discovery Workshop

The company's gut instinct

At the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Persona Discovery Workshop you have the opportunity to create a qualitative model of possible types of customers together with your clients and relevant stakeholders. The goal of this workshop is to establish attitudes, values and behaviors, create tangible elements and introduce your personas to a wide audience in your organization.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Persona Discovery Workshop Content

  • Defining a common goal

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Skills Build

  • Build Level 1: Building individual models to illustrate and share personal thoughts

  • Build Level 2: Identifying the key elements and building the shared model

  • Storytelling: Creating a story together

  • In-depth work on the most relevant elements

Target audience

This workshop is designed for business, IT and cross-functional teams who want to have a clear vision of their customers, develop tailored products or campaigns and foster sustainable customer relationships. 


Number of participants

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


This workshop can be held at your own office, at a location of your choice or online.


1 day

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