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The Frank Guys


Philippe is often approached as Frank. On the one hand, this is due to his role as the founding father of Who is Frank. On the other hand, Philippe is a gifted storyteller.

His passions are solving unsolvable tasks and developing meaningful organisations. 
communicative | convincing | integrative 

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An important motivator for Erich is the conviction that everything that was will never be the same again. Another motivator is the passion to find stability in constant change.

Both motivators are reflected in his passion, sustainable organisational development.

strategic | analytical | communicative

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Vivienne Parlier

Senior Transformation Coach

Vivienne's enthusiasm is for people, for the dynamics that emerge when people work together and for the sustainable improvement of collaboration models. She is convinced that leadership behaviour must adapt if responsibility levels are to be decentralized.

Her focus is on supporting employees and managers and jointly developing meaningful framework conditions.

reflective | pragmatic | solution focused

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Florian Karb

Agile Transformation Coach

Florian's talent is to rapidly think his way into complex situations involving people, culture and the organisation. He is fascinated by the dynamics that arise when people work together. In particular, he understands how to exploit these to achieve impact.


His aim is to make teams and organisations more resilient and adaptable so that they can survive in a constantly changing world of work. With creative and pragmatic approaches, Flo drives positive and sustainable developments through dialogue.


creative | challenging | curious

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Friends of Frank

Friends of Frank


Think Tank | fluide | selbstorganisiert | weitsichtig | rebellisch | konsequent


Mike Zurbrügg

Founder @thirty3

With what skills can we change our society for the better in the long term? Through self-initiative, courage and the conscious taking of risks.

Mike enriches the collective through his networked and anticipatory thinking. Especially through his consistent demand for change.

courageous | consistent | direct

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Frank Renold

Founder @Unternehmen ohne Namen

Frank loves to play. In the theatre, with his peers and an extra dose of craziness. 

As an actor, coach, former co-founder and CTO of, he inspires the collective with his expressiveness and creativity. He empowers us to push the boundaries and break new ground.

curious | optimistic | friendly

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Marcel Reinhard

Founder @agile&mehr & Agile Coach @BKW

«A Brief History of Humankind» by Yuval Noah Harari, is Marcel's book recommendation for our society.

Whether as an entrepreneur, innovation coach, agilist or as a follower of collegial companies. His experience and passion for meaningful organisations and concepts, sustainably strengthens the collective.

courageous | passionate | trusting

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Stefan Gross

Moderator & Facilitator

When there is disorder in communication processes, Stefan is on hand to help tidy things up.

With structural impulses in mind and moderation markers in hand, he guides the collective into safe harbour even in confusing situations. Outcome instead of output driven. 

critical | compact | open to process

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