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Image by Teemu Paananen

Keynotes & Inspirational Talks

Agile and digital transformation calls for a deliberate and long-term plan.

Intellectual inspiration and challenges are the first step in this sustainable transformation, as they inspire heart and soul.

We are entering a new world. A fast-moving, agile world of ever-changing meaningful objectives, a world where old types of organizations are at their limit.


Today's most innovative companies are going through a transformation from centralized and bureaucratic companies to lively and open networks. There are structures that enable everyone involved to develop, test and share new ideas. They open up new sources of growth, increase efficiency and ensure sustainable success for an organization. 


In many cases, upcoming changes can trigger fears. New structures, processes and technologies can cause uncertainty and instability. At the same time, uncertainty opens up new opportunities and enables us to see the bigger picture.


We invite you to join us on a journey, where we will share our experience with you, and show you what the continuous approach to a self-learning and agile organization really means for the whole organization, individual teams, the customer, and for structures and technologies. Together, we will take the first step into the new normal.

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