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We change how organizations think, act and talk. Embark on a new journey with us.

Our Services

Keynotes &

Inspirational Talks

Inspiration is an important source for your organizational transformation. We invite you to join us on a journey, where we will share our experience with you, and show you what the continuous approach to a self-learning and agile organization really means.

Facilitation &


Visions, strategies, value systems and expectations are – alongside with sense of purpose – the driving force of transformation. Together, we will create tangible elements for your organization.



Thinking and acting towards customer needs requires regular inspection and adaption of the value system, organizational structures and roles. We will show you how.

Agile Coaching & Transformation

Agile working methods and adaptive teams require a foundation of information, knowledge and experience. We enable you to do exactly this.

Our Services

Change approach


Initial Position


Getting to know each other, dialogue and guided reflection to understand the situation, capture complexity drivers, identify needs and define the change purpose - the «WHY».


Adaptability Assessment & Change Index

Based on your needs and primar questions, we combine qualitative and quantitative methods to map your organisations capacity for change. The change insights gained serve as the foundation of our collaboration.


Impact Map

Together we transfer the findings and the Change Index into your Impact Map. Based on the jointly developed hypotheses, we formulate the change objectives - the «WHAT» - and the change key results - «HOW» we define success.


Guided transformation

Based on the Impact Map, we accompany your organisation through the transformation process. The focus is on empowering employees to create successful results and ensuring the organisation's sustainable capability for change.


Conclusion & Reflection

The achievement of our change objectives leads to the final reflection. In addition to the change objectives, we reflect on the joint cooperation, the processes and the tools used. Together we identify the key change drivers so that your organisation can continue to actively shape change in the future.

Change Approach
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Agile Cooking

The best way to experience agility is through the stomach. We connect the roots of agility and make the agile values tangible.

The Frank Guys

Friends of Frank


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The Squad

Every organization goes through a lifecycle where they eventually lose their initial speed or agility at a strategic level.

John P. Kotter

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